Mar 16, 2017 QSCM Cohort Call Notes

QSCM Call March 16, 2017

Lucy Duncan
Dir Friends Relations Green St Mtg
Founder of Quaker X experiment

Well spiritually; deeply connected to others planting seeds exciting to me
open political movement horrifying & opportunity for transformation

Rhonda fairfield friends Indiana
down about WA depths of despair before we can rise up

Alice Marion Mtg Marion, PA
understand both feelings proud of amount of objection about things going on
Daughter from Tucson to DC for Women’s March also Phil march inspiration
frustrated from responses in congress & senate
lies and lack of response
focus on things showing promise of change

Jed Kissling Indianapolis No Meadow Friends QSCM there
accompanying partner Kippner institute inner city black youth mentoring
Kodak pipeline resistance here
Canadian Americans contact changed my spiritual life

Jane Westburg Miami Meeting
up & downs news – budget – bouyed up by ACLU presentation
young people getting involved I’m in 70’s
terrified about deportations
not only undocumented kids scared
documented worried about what’s happening to their friends

spiritual practice of the meeting – share & give advice
another share of how meeting is going

more about accompaniment
how to center people partnering with
Sanctuary Everywhere and Congregational Sanctuary

Jeff N. Meadow – Spiritual Practice part
surprised to see
beneficial for group
spiritual and religious experiences some members had
Buddhism experience shared
Visualization techniques that are pretty interesting

Very important to focus only on small group beliefs into action group
racism issue
read with group from Presbyterian Group helpful
Radnor mtg works with Methodist church taking in immigrants who feel threatened
Reaching out in that fashion important
Msg from PA Council of Churches ministry of public witness
Burks County Sheriff announced plans to deputize sheriffs as ICE agents
Council of Churches resisting inspiring hoping for their success

Jane Miami
woman on call not here yet
ad hoc committee focusing on immigration

Lucy: lots of urgency
being willing to meet the need that exists is powerful and humbling
when we tend for one another it makes a huge difference
I’m a both and person

Quaker X experiment we’re doing similar to QSCM
spiritual connection and practice and doing action
close & been together a while
have covenant
use check-ins
grapple with difference in the group spiritual difference in group

Rhonda Fairfield Indianapolis
Social Justice Committee formed a couple years ago
personal challenges
interest in this

Jeff – half meeting attended
avg 7-10 people

Arthur – 4, 7, 8 people

Marion – 5 people in attendance
focus on problems w/in meeting
reaching out to be aware what’s going on in the area

Pedro Rios
Naima Lowe
Lucy – Sanctuary Everywhere?

Lucy: Every murder is real victoria green’s group
different from accompaniment
anti-gentrification coop anchor in neighborhoods providing low income housing
figuring out what leading of group is very critical

8-9 of us
one lady could be deported any moment
S. FL interfaith justice group
Meeting w/UU and Catholic Priest, Episcopalians
trying to support each other; rick of burnout so great,
trying to ground in spiritual practice
school bd mtg undocumented people
agreed to take further steps to protect students
superintendent over my dead body will ICE take students

County Mayor not so helpful
on Valentines day they made hearts he had broken their hearts by caving to Trump

Keep PA in prayers – they’ll march Saturday war on immigrants inappropriate
Reading has thousands of immigrant families
hispanic and spanish speaking

Rhonda Nsink? Marion = I’m from Reading, PA
appalled to hear about what’s happening there
they could start shipping out thousands

core value of QSCM
immigration policy or police brutality
trying to be ally for friend being targeted
spiritual discipline to step back and really follow her lead
instead of trying to be in charge of it
take step back and take guidance of person in middle of storm

ALB inner mountain mtg
took family into their meeting house
best practice is to make it very public
uprooted from her home processing what was happening
learning who was there
getting ready to be public about it
press conference about it
powerful witness

From Monterey CA
Gaza Unlocked

Carol out of Burlington
Issues of race going on
Chamber of Commerce we have to pay attention to people’s social economic resources
poverty significant
School locked down last fall
crime on uptick along Mississippi River
Solid for most part
African American Minister in town –
undesirables Chicago blacks to Iowa for system then take $ to IL
he confronted Chamber of Commerce director
He wasn’t going to be race-baited
water fountains called colored and white in his perspective

I’ve found friendships with people of color
my experience so vastly different
housemate african american
racism: deeper than what they’re talking about
white people as good, to really be with people, taking off their lenses

Sanctuary Everywhere
18 congregations in US
2 are quaker
call every week from meetings wanting to do congregational sanctuary
Need for taking active role is going to grow
in schools
policy things and how to do them
need is growing and AFSC is supporting meetings and hoping we can share

Sanctuary in the Streets
Phil originated these
services to interrupt ICE raids
create church on street
can give more info – let me know

Ingrid still there Mountainview – UU in Denver
Maybe talk about it next call

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