Oct 24, 2017 QSCM Cohort Call Notes

SCQM Call 2017_10_24

Highly relationship based model – getting to know each other
healing brokenness in our world through healing our relationships

Lucy: Emergent Strategy by Eleanor?…Brown
Ruckus Society
Practicing with each other the change we’re trying to build in the world
not only intellectually but in our living experience

with communities we’re trying to support
tasting justice, what a transformed world is like

Spiritual practice to be fully present

Stories – to share difficult moments

Congregations having hard time listening to voices of those housed in their church building
family understood they were collecting money for them,
church had a different understanding
Takes time to learn how to do this

Chris Lerner? Green Street in Philadelphia
how to bring this to our core group?

Feguson attenders, elders helping them afterwards
heard about the model, and it seemed like a good fit for accomplishing this
Members mentoring children of color – seemed like good group to accompany
1 – purpose to draw in people who don’t consider themselves activists

  • how much we wanted the meeting as a whole to work together, rather than individuals
    17 of 30+ people joined

Lucy: individual invitations – personal will matter here

Getting Started:
Formation: worship groups and meetings, integration, sanctuary,
Santa Fe/Alb area –

Completely organic formation
Stillwater OK mtg p&sc committee
Sppt of general group
Bailing people out of jail, etc, people got cold feet
started raising own money
snowballed after taken to OK City; case a month
more serious cases

Powerful enough work that made people uncomfortable
model made to make it safe to take risks
CO woman about to be deported taken into congregation in face of ICE

Jeff- sustaining the group a bit of struggle
KI community accompanying
regularly scheduled combined meeting with group we’re accompanying helped

Recognizing everyone in group has different gifts
can’t expect somebody who’s never been in court room to deal with that process
some don’t deal well with prison visits
others amazing; we’ve put up people at our meetinghouse, caretaking, being there
unified effort, but if spiritually grounded all will be led to different areas
Defense attys weren’t necessarily as helpful as those with no legal bkgd

Formation of the covenant

Jeff: Kepper Institute relationship
Ten Yr old community started with couple & their child
purposely didn’t let parents know he needed summer school until too late to attend
father made him stay with him then,
youth mentoring started from that
big environmental focus rain barrel system
youth mentoring empowerment
Michelle Alexander’s New Jim Crow

Only place in Indiana was Kepper Institute
Taught kids about computers as programmer,
expecting to teach them coding
kids of color were needing to know he was somebody they could trust
Quakers try not to take credit for things they haven’t done
underground railroad
that of God in everyone – you, and you, and you…. they lit up
Don’t talk about religion with the community; social justice, construction projects, etc

Accompaniment focus of next call
4th Tuesday of month? does it work for you?
Doodle poll
let Lucy know if anyone would like to share a poem

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