Apr 10, 2018 QSCM Cohort Call Notes

La Hasta Aurora
See these words when you lie down and when you rise up…
Imagine winning. This is your sacred task….

Story telling troupe
At home behind the mask
individual and systemic oppression

Been to Gaza a couple times

Jeff Kissling Iowa?
Meteor meeting past weekend
Father died two weeks ago
Playground equipment Bear Creek Meeting

3 weeks after the flu
parents TX to Iowa last 3 days
saying rosary every day in car
Sarah Thomas Mennonite minister
peace team
chicago exec dir
MLK 50th death anniv now
How to bear witness in difficult situations
Program in Burlington
“Bridges out of poverty”
Become like us middle class people?!
Middle class assumption that everyone wants to join our class
3 african amer family
generational as well

Chris Moore Green St Mtg Phil
Bldg Mgr Friends Ctr
Busy lately
Loved the poem
Need to keep that imagination and vibrant love for life alive

Group was slow to get started
Every Murder is Real EMIR
Quaker Speak video
dynamic caring person
run ctr in Germantown area of Phil
Want to step up and walk this path with them and families they serve
Regulating firearms to reduce homicides
Organizing a school supplies drive
85 children participating in pgms

part of 2 groups
in Indianapolis
pulled in by phone
Here in Bear Creek native amer affairs
10 yrs w/local conservation board
prairie awakening
Funding in jeapardy
Friends of Prairie Awakening group
7-8 native americans, in circle, rock in middle
how much experience the rock had had, lit candle, 5-7 mins silence
Reducing fossil fuel use aim
urges friends to focus on using bicycles

Lori Kamala Sanctuary Everywhere work
w/UU’s Boston UU association
Real need anti racist efforts much like SCM
Church world svd, CIVIC, other orgs
Kickstarter for SCM groups
Six webinars
Groups to come together as groups
Anti-racist practice
1Changing systems, changing ourselves
Looking at yourself as life fragility
3Case studies
One eve how to apply the practice
court and ICE accompaniment
prison and detention a
May – Aug 3/6 sessions
Want groups to register

Hope Quaker Cohort emerges to join our cohort
Ministry part:
that’s what makes this different
companionships, acccompaniment, ministry
How do you think about ministry part?

w/covenant helped transform it for group

Are you really gonna deliver and stick with us?

IN part, person will describe spiritual journey /month
SCM like mini spiritual journey
What kind of ministry would be seen by group we accompany
Hadn’t brought up SCM w/groups we accompany
Sort of an interview to see if we fit into their community
There’s that of God in everyone in room
learned so much from them ; they said they learned a lot from us

Relationship based models hard but incredibly rewarding
Enormous and valuable ministry AFSC
QSCM is really trying to bring to mtg level
AFSC experiences to the Meetings
Relationship stuff is at the heart of it; to group and
companioning, take a lot of time

was involved w/FCNL heavily years ago
Now seems to work for change at local level
Container and scope seems more do-able
Very moved by Prison Activists
Mvt to end incarceration in Phil
Direct support,
got a state legislator most progressive DA in state now
to end life w/o parole
built over time, led by people who’re incarcerated
power of relationships really important

Group Formation on agenda
Helping to bond
what obstacles you’ve encountered
New groups: racial development
stages of development,
one day retreat option
development of group –
trust conflict commitment accountability and results
Worthwhile to talk about with group
where are we? how can we stay together
Rev. Janet Dugens? Beloved community
MLK dream to i
only love of God powerful enough to bring people together
At core of this, is what we practice

Still trying to figure out how to be a group
Mtg is husband, myself, 3 attenders
Peace rallies or have… doesn’t seem to evolve with this group
How to live your faith is exemplified in this model
Removed from functioning Quaker Mtg
my challenge

Lucy: Idea of this webinar series…
Way to jumpstart group formation

Struggle with small numbers too
dozen each Sunday, have known each other whole life

Lucy: SCM whetting people’s appetite of different way of being

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