May 29, 2018 QSCM Cohort Call Notes

marjorie cornwell bkln
jeff hissling indianola iowa

agenda review
anti racist accompaniment principles
getting started sustaining work

Aurora Levin Morales
Say these words when you lie down and when you rise up

Jeff Kissling
return to Iowa / Indianapolis
Kepper Institute, Ind., IN
Climate Change straw bales houses available after flooding

Poem –
Leadings Workshop
PYM preparation
CSCO Group reaction
UU/QSCM personal dynamics –

15th St Mtg P&SC Clerk
w/New Sanctuary Coalition of NY
Court accompaniment – from a few/mo to a few/wk
WA Sq Pk 1st Sunday Peace Vigil
Natl Religious Campaign against Torture
Action Core Catholic wkr war resisters league – Yemen situation
Friend’s Seminary School at 15th St Mtg – conflict btwn Mtg & School

QSCM Intro:
Lucy: individual leadings about Social Change
some had minutes but not collective action
divides between activists and mystics & mutual disinterest
Jenn Piper in Denver pointed us to UU structure
based on Parker Palmer’s Circles of Trust origin (Quaker)
To bring a different world into being, we need to practice it with each other.
Accompaniment is at the core.
1st hr spiritual
2nd hr business – from group you’re accompanying
Phil – Amir Healing Center Victoria Greene son was murdered

Louis Webb AFSC Immigrant Rights Work
Amy Gottlieb New Sanctuary charge

P&SJ 5 people from meeting
all women

Ferguson time – social media interest, traveled to Ferguson
invited people in group

Around Followership:
Jonathan Wilson Heart w/William Barber
On Followership Building up the mvt I can’t lead

Paolo Friere
Oppressor class, move to side of exploited,
lack of confidence in people’s ability
trust of people absolutely essential

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