Clerking Resource List from Barbara Babin

Barbara Babin shared this clerking resource list following her clerking workshop at Orange Grove Monthly Meeting:

Resource List

Orange Grove Clerking Workshop

February 3, 2018

Books and Pamphlets

Boardman, Elizabeth. Where Should I Stand? A Field Guide for Monthly Meeting Clerks.

Quaker Press of FGC. 2008

Friends General Conference, Ministry and Nurture Committee. Dealing with Difficult Behavior in Meeting for Worship: Meeting the Needs of the Many while Responding to the Needs of the Few. Quaker Press, 2007.

Gorman, George H. The Amazing Fact of Quaker Worship. Quaker Home Service, Friends House, London. 1979.

Gwyn, Douglas. A Sustainable Life. FGC Quaker Press, 2014 – see especially Ch.5

Loring, Patricia. Listening Spirituality, Volume II: Corporate Spiritual Practice Among Friends.   Openings Press, 1999.

Loring, Patricia. Spiritual Responsibility in the Meeting for Business. Friends General Conference, 1993.

Morely, Barry. Beyond Consensus: Salvaging the Sense of the Meeting. Pendle Hill Pamphlet 307, 1993.

Pacific Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends. Faith and Practice. 2001

Sheeran, Michael J. Beyond Majority Rule: Voteless Decisions in the Religious Society of Friends. 1983

Stanfield, David O. A Handbook for the Presiding Clerk. North Carolina Yearly Meeting of Friends, 1989

On-Line Resources

East, Klara. Summary of “Conversations About Clerking” Workshop with Joe Franko and Shan Cretin.       Visalia Friends Meeting.

Evans, Storm. Reflections on Clerking a Quaker Committee. Friends Journal, April 2011.

Friends General Conference. Vital Meetings pt.2.pdf

  • Signals and Actions
  • Meeting for Reconciliation
  • A Guide for Conducting the Meeting for Reconciliation
  • Sense of the Meeting, Sense of the Parking Lot

Gardner, Sue. Raw Notes from the Quaker Clerking Workshop.

(Blog with notes from the 2010 clerking workshop with Eric Moon and Elizabeth Boardman)

Grace, Eden. An Introduction to Quaker Business Practice. World Council of Churches


Mohr, Chris. Clinic on Quaker Clerking.

(Blog report of 2011 clinic with Berkeley Meeting)

Quakers in Britain. The Boundaries Game.

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