Adult Ed: Immigration Advocacy Actions You Can Participate in and Support

Immigration Advocacy Actions


Donna Smith, clerk PYM’s Latin American Concerns Committee, encouraged Friends to take the following actions:

  1. Visit detention centers.
    Speak to Edie or Arthur regarding this. We coordinate with Freedom for Immigrants to arrange our group visits.
  2. Be a witness in immigration hearings.
  3. Accompany an asylum seeker through the court process.

Matthew 25 is an evangelical immigration support organization that accompanies immigrants to their hearings, as “Guardian Angels,” among other things:

Some Freedom for Immigrants detention visitation volunteers are also getting involved in court accompaniment.

  1. Become a sanctuary or support sanctuaries in your area.
  2. Sponsor an immigrant or support sponsors in your area.

Our additional suggestions include:

  1. Become and stay informed regarding immigration issues on a city, state, and national level.
    You can use Google Alerts to stay informed of current developments.
  2. Become a Pen Pal for an immigrant in detention.
    (Submit volunteer application listed in the following Freedom for Immigrants hot line section)
  3. Help staff the Hot Line for Freedom for Immigrants
    Please email Cynthia Galaz at CGalaz@freedomforimmigrants.orgor call 510-806-1430 to learn more.Freedom for Immigrants Volunteer Interest Form:
  4. Help raise bail funds.
    CLUE and Freedom for Immigrants both have bail funds.
    A list of some more bond fund-related organizations: – !topic/pasadena-social-change-ministry-resource-list/fuDzYY7De7Y
  5. Assist immigrants released from detention with transportation and relocation.
    We have an inter-faith network of people helping with this; Quakers from Santa Monica and Orange County are arranging rides for those released. Volunteers work with both CLUE (Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice) and Freedom for Immigrants.
  6. Offer financial or volunteer support to organizations involved in immigrant advocacy or support work.
    CHIRLA, NDLON, CLUE, Carecen, Orange County Justice Fund, Esperenza all are good choices.
  7. Advocate for immigration reform in person or through correspondence with elected representatives.
    Our FCNL Advocacy teams can include you in future visits: speak to Edie or Anthony
  8. Publicize human civil rights violations on your blog, in letters to editors, on social media and any venue that you have access to.
  9. Participate in demonstrations responding to human rights violations.
    ACLU, AFSC, and Indivisible are all good resources for keeping abreast of demonstrations.
  10. Become a BIA Certified Representative and assist immigrants with their legal cases.
    This requires sponsorship from an affiliated organization: some have been sponsored by Catholic Charities.

For further information on how to make a difference please contact the clerk of our Peace and Social Concerns Committee (email and request that it be forwarded to the P&SC clerk) or UU/Quaker Social Change Ministry. at