Border Wall Construction Underway in Arizona

This is a tour through part of Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument in Arizona. It’s noted for the rare cactii in it’s name, but also is an immigration corridor for many. It’s also adjacent to the Tohono O’odham Indian Reservation: The reservation straddles both sides of the US/Mexico border, and some reports suggest that the […]

Hot ticket: the high price of immigration to the USA

An interactive map of the 3600+ migrant deaths in the Arizona desert since 1981 can be found here: “The U.S. Border Patrol [later] implemented a strategy called Prevention Through Deterrence. Since its inception, this approach has redirected migrant routes into the most inhospitable sections of the border, deploying the perilous desert as a tool […]

Who’s Visiting Immigrant Detainees At The Adelanto Detention Center?

Journalist Aaron Schrank joined us visiting some immigrants in detention at the Adelanto ICE detention center, and his coverage aired on PBS; the printed version is online here:

NPYM Directory System

We are currently doing trials with the Directory System that’s been developed by people at North Pacific Yearly Meeting:’re grateful to John Gotts of NPYM for helping us with this. Reports:These are the reports it offers without being logged into the admin system database. If you have a password and have logged into the […]

Clerking Resource List from Barbara Babin

Barbara Babin shared this clerking resource list following her clerking workshop at Orange Grove Monthly Meeting: Resource List Orange Grove Clerking Workshop February 3, 2018 Books and Pamphlets Boardman, Elizabeth. Where Should I Stand? A Field Guide for Monthly Meeting Clerks. Quaker Press of FGC. 2008 Friends General Conference, Ministry and Nurture Committee. Dealing with […]

Casa de Paz

Casa de Paz was mentioned in one of the AFSC online webinars our Pasadena UU/QSCM Group participated in last summer. It’s an inspiring example of how people can make a difference with conditions relating to immigration detention by establishing a support presence in the nearby community. What would it take to make this happen in […]

Sanctuary Everywhere

Sanctuary Everywhere Live!A FREE WEBINAR SERIES ON CREATING SAFER, MORE WELCOMING COMMUNITIES The AFSC “Calls for Spirited Action” were succeeded by this webinar series.  What is “Sanctuary Everywhere?”(from )  Sanctuary Everywhere is the simple idea that everyday people can work together to keep each other safe. Sanctuary can mean taking someone into a congregation to protect […]

May 29, 2018 QSCM Cohort Call Notes

marjorie cornwell bkln jeff hissling indianola iowa worship agenda review poem checkins anti racist accompaniment principles getting started sustaining work Aurora Levin Morales Say these words when you lie down and when you rise up Jeff Kissling return to Iowa / Indianapolis Kepper Institute, Ind., IN Climate Change straw bales houses available after flooding Poem […]