QSCM Experience

(Unitarian Universalist and)

OGMM Feb. 2017 – May 2019
Initiated, led, and facilitated spiritual and social activism group meeting every two weeks
Initiated partnership with Neighborhood Unitarian Universalist Church; July 2017-ongoing

Much of the following content duplicates QSCM group activity summaries included on my “Experience” or “Quaker Resume” page. While it highlights my leadership role as facilitator for the group, I would like to emphasize that none of this would’ve been possible without the collaborative contributions of all the group members and support of Orange Grove Monthly Meeting and Neighborhood Unitarian Universalist Church in Pasadena.

Wrote publicity for community awareness:

• Article for NUUC, OGMM Record, “Quaker Social Change Ministry:What is the connection between spirit and activism? History, Progress, and the Future” Aug./Sept. 2017

• Condensed AFSC QSCM Manual for adult ed discussion – QSCM Condensed Manual

• Co-led Adult Ed Immigration Minute Advocacy Action Session and designed flyer Dec 2 2018

• Facilitated Covenant Writing Workshop with Greg Boyd of Neighborhood Unitarian Universalist Church (NUUC) March 7, 2017 including discussion of online video

Video about covenants

• Researched and published online immigration advocacy group resource list

• Immigrant Legal Resource Center
Removal Defense seminar
March 18-19, 2019

• Initiated and Setup legal procedure summary workshop for detention center visitors with Betty Guthrie, BIA Certified Representative

• Group member Cate Smith initiated a similar Skype conference with Sarah Zelcer, an Esperanza attorney in San Bernadino. (notes available at previous link)

• Helped organize NUUC Immigration Themed Church Service November 2018

• Research and initiation of partnerships and activity with legal and advocacy groups CHIRLA, NDLON, Esperanza, CIVIC/Freedom for Immigrants, CLUE, Matthew 25, and POP! Pasadenans Organizing for Progress

Rapid Response Training CLUE Feb 28 2018
Participated in rapid response training for ICE raids at NUUC

UCARE Coalition CLUE April 13, 2018
Researched and publicized regional interfaith advocacy efforts for unaccompanied immigrant children

Initiation of Immigration Advocacy Informational Workshops


1) “Defending the Rights of Immigrants – A Workshop with Pedro Rios” May 20, 2017
Designed publicity flyer, publicized event, facilitated attendees and refreshments

2) “Immigrant Incarceration: US Criminal “Justice” System and the Profit of Private Prison” and “Confronting the For-Profit Prison Industry” Emily Verdugo, AFSC Tucson, May 6, 2017
Arranged presentations for visiting AFSC representative with Neighborhood UU Church and ICUJP Inter-faith Peace Organization, as well as OGMM.

Border Watch Encuentro, School of the Americas Watch, Nogales, AZ Nov 10-12, 2017

Border Watch Encuentro, School of the Americas Watch, Nogales, AZ Nov 16-18, 2018
Demonstration participation in Nogales and Tucson, AZ
Co-led Young Adult Friend group with Mary Klein and Jim Summers in 2018

CLUE “Know Your Rights” Workshop, OGMM, Pasadena, CA
April 13, 2019
Provided immigration rights workshop for neighbors of OGMM with translators and five free lawyers providing legal immigration advice.
We were elated to have substantial participation and support from the Quaker Meeting community, and to take steps to provide a service for and to overcome the language barrier between us and our primarily Hispanic neighboring community.

Adelanto ICE Processing Center
Monthly interfaith detention center visitation


2017-06-20 Adelanto Bus Trip – 50+ inter-faith leaders attend orientation and attempt to visit detained immigrants. GEO locked down the facility when we arrived, called the police, and wouldn’t let anyone in, even sending lawyers and families home.

Vianey Database Training Video:

2017-10-30 Attended Freedom for Immigrants Database Training

2017-11-06 Database Training follow-up

2017-12-03 Liza Diniakis at OGMM via Skype. Helped organize and present immigration detention center visitation training workshop

2018-03-24 Facilitated OGMM Liza Diniakis Visitation Training

Adelanto Visits:

2017-08-08 Adelanto East: Fabiola from Santa Ana/Mexico
2017-09-11 Adelanto West: Muhammad from Pakistan
2017-10-13 12.15.24 Adelanto East
2017-12-12 Adelanto East: Fabiola 
2018-01-18 Adelanto West
2018-02-22 Adelanto West: Ghana (deported after 3 years)
2018-10 Adelanto East: Bryan, El Salvador, released November 2018 with our help. Wrote blog post about the visit: “The imprisoned path to asylum at Adelanto”
2018-12-12 Adelanto West: Muhammad, Pakistan (deported)
2019-01-17 Adelanto West: Mohammed from Afghanistan/Sacramento (released) represented by USC Immigration Clinic
2019-02-12 Adelanto West: Mohammed, Bangladesh
2019-03-28 Adelanto East
2019-05-14 Adelanto East woman from Guatamala
(Visited with reporter from KPCC)
2019-06-20 Adelanto West

• Coordinated with visitation leaders in Orange County, Jan Meslin & Betty Guthrie; and Thousand Oaks, Liza Diniakis

• Organized group attendance and ticket purchasing for Immigration related theater events:

Actors Gang: Refugee Project/The New Colossus March 8, 2018

Pasadena Playhouse: Culture Clash: Bordertown Now June 19, 2018

Asylum Anguish: Stories From The Border Benefit for Friends of Orange County Detainees February 10, 2019

Participant: Santa Monica Friends Meeting Retreat October 2018
Lucy Duncan presenting Quaker Social Change Ministry